Free Comic Book Day 2019

Stop by the Dragon’s Refuge and get some FREE Comic Books!

3 FCBD Comics per person, while supplies last.

Magic War of the Spark Prerelease Weekend

Entry Fee: $25.00 Preregistration before 4/26/19 then $30.00 per person.

Saturday, April 27th

12:00 AM (Midnight after FNM) – Sealed

2:00 PM – Sealed

7:00 PM – Two Headed Giant Sealed

Sunday, April 28th

2:00 PM – Sealed

Torch Run Charity Event

Modern Masters Draft

30 Participants at our first Modern Masters Draft, the next one 6/23/13 at 5:00pm.


March Realms of Fantasy


Doors Open ($5.00 Entry Fee)


Settlers of Catan Deluxe (Board Game). In Settlers of Catan, players try to be the dominant force on the island of Catan by building settlements, cities, and roads.


X-Wing Miniatures: Scenario One, Escape of the Blue Bantha. The Imperials are hot on the heels of the Blue Bantha, which contains vital information of a secret Imperial battle station. Can the Rebellion fighters help assist the frigate escape? Or will the crucial plans never make it to the leaders of the rebellion? Events from this scenario will potentially influence scenario two.


Fantacide (Miniatures Game): Something large has emerged out of the “Hole” and flew under its own power clear past the “Wastes of Time” desert to crash in the mushroom fields near the Apes of Wrath territory.. Now three other warbands converge on the site to claim the prize before those cranky apes..


Settlers of Catan Deluxe (Board Game).

Dungeons and Dragons (RoleplayingGame): The performing arts have always been popular in Waterdeep, but the competition for best actor has become cutthroat. Can you make sense of all the drama and find the true plot? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Waterdeep for characters levels 1-4 (H1 level band).


Mice and Mystics (Board Game). In Mice and Mystics players take on the roles of those still loyal to the king – but to escape the clutches of Vanestra, they have been turned into mice! Play as cunning field mice who must race through a castle now twenty times larger than before.


Kingdom Builder with Expansion (Board Game). In Kingdom Builder, the players create their own kingdoms by skillfully building their settlements, aiming to earn the most gold at the end of the game.

Urbanization(Board Game). In Urbanization, the players follow the development of a rural area, from the beginning of the industrial revolution to modern times.


X-Wing Miniatures: Scenario Two, Battle of the first Death Star. The Imperial battle station is closing in on the Rebel base. The Rebellion has one attempt to destroy the Death Star before the Rebellion is potentially crushed for good.


Pre-Release Events at The Dragon’s Refuge:

Saturday – 1/26/13

  • 12:00am(after FNM)
  • 1:00pm
  • 6:00pm

Sunday – 1/27/13

  • 1:00pm
  • 6:00pm

All of the events will be sealed limited format. There will be three Swiss rounds of play and every player who completes all three rounds will receive at least one Gatecrash booster pack for playing (while supplies last). The rest of the prize packs will be distributed amongst the top four players based on record.

For this event Wizards of the Coast has produced a special Gatecrash Guild Pack to be used at the pre-release. These packs contain a playable promo that corresponds to one of the 5 guilds featured in Gatecrash. Players will be asked to choose two Guilds (One primary and one back up) when they check in before the event. Each player’s choices will be fulfilled as available product allows. Each Guild Pack will contain the following:

• 5 Gatecrash Boosters
• 1 Guild booster with guild pre-release card
• 1 Guild spin down life counter
• 1 Guild Sticker
• 1 Letter from your Guild leader
• 1 Guild-themed achievement card

Each Event will cost $30.00 per person(all entry fees are non refundable).

Warmachine/Hordes Demo’s

We are proud to announce that long time patron and friend, Chris G. has become an official Press Ganger for Privateer Press!

With that, The Dragon’s Refuge will be running demo’s of  Warmachine and Hordes on Wednesdays 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm.

If your interesting in learning how to play either of these fine miniature games just show up and Chris will gladly run you through a demo.

Realms of Fantasy 11/24/12

Entrance Fee: $5.002:00pm – 4:00pm: Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game Demo’s

2:00pm: Sentinels of the Multiverse (2-10 players)

3:00pm: Tannhäuser (2-10 players)4:00pm: Dungeon Command (1-4 players)

4:00pm: Tsuro of the Seas (2-8 players)

5:00pm: 1v1 Heroclix Tournament

5:30pm: Assault on X-Mas! (2-6 players): The Grinch and his associates attack the North Pole to steal all of the presents and acquire the secrets of Santa’s power…

6:00pm: Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game: Attack on the Death Star Scenario (2-10 players)

7:00pm: D&D Adventure System Board Game: The Legend of Drizzt (1-5 players)

8:00pm: Sid Meier’s Civilization the Board Game (2-5 players)

9:30pm: Raffle Drawing and Store Announcements

Special Events:
Warmachine/Hordes: Complete a 25 point game and receive a raffle ticket.

Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller Tournament

Sign-up at 1PM
Start at 2PM

2 lists

Fight Club restrictions
MAX rounds 4. Assassination scoring.

Entrance fee $10
Prizes: Dice, Certificates of Achievement, Gift Certificates (dependent on attendance) and best painted awarded.

Fight Club Rules:

Fight Club accentuates warjacks and warbeasts without eliminating infantry altogether. For every 10 points spent on warjacks/warbeasts, you can spend 5 points on warrior models. Note that warjack/warbeast points count towards the total! Thus:

A +3 warcaster/warlock that spends 30 points on beasts can spend 8 points on infantry.
A +4 warcaster/warlock that spends 30 points on beasts can spend 9 points on infantry.
A +5 warcaster/warlock that spends 30 points on beasts can spend 10 points on infantry.
A +6 warcaster/warlock that spends 30 points on beasts can spend 11 points on infantry.
A +7 warcaster/warlock that spends 30 points on beasts can spend 12 points on infantry.

Return to Ravnica Prerelease UPDATE

Return to Ravnica Prerelease Update!

All five events are sold out!

Thanks to everyone who registered

Return to Ravnica goes on sale October 5, 2012

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