Magic DreamHack RCQ Pioneer Tournament

Sat, Mar 18 2023
12:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Format: Pioneer Constructed (Decklist Required)
Rounds: Swiss Rounds based on attendance followed by a Top 8 cut to single elimination.

Stavropol’ Prizes:
1st WPN Promo Foil – Thing in the Ice / Awoken Horror, RCQ Champion Sheoldred pin + lanyard boxed set, and DreamHack badge (virtual will-call redemption).
Top 8 WPN Promo Non-Foil – Thing in the Ice / Awoken Horror, Top 8 will also receive MTG Set Booster Packs based on record, amount based on attendance.
2nd thru 8th – RCQ Top 8 Sheoldred pin (window boxed).
Participation Promo Non-Foil – Mystical Dispute for the first 32 registered players.

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