Warhammer 40k Fate of Konor

Over 6 weeks, join us to defend or to destroy Konor, a crucial Forge World in the Realm of Ultramar. Konor could be a pillar upon which a resurgent Imperium of Man could stand or if it falls, a rotting, rusted nail in the coffin of an already faltering empire.

There’s a range of ways to take part in the campaign, and the best players will have to prove their mastery in all aspects of the hobby to claim victory for their side. As well as points for winning games, starting from now, any models you build and paint for the campaign will count towards your side’s score.

You can earn points in store this week for;

– Winning a game of Warhammer 40,000 played using each week’s Mission Rules (available for use in store)
– Painting a complete datasheet’s worth of models (only official GW models may score points).

You can earn Double Points this week if you use or paint models within the weeks theme.
– Week 1: Start Collecting/Space Marines
– Week 2: Elites
– Week 3: Vehicles
– Week 4: Psykers
– Week 5: Fast Attack/Flyers
– Week 6: Scenery/Lords of War

Each time you win a game, or complete a datasheet, bring your score card report your result for, Imperium or Chaos. If you are a Xenos player, then you can instead give a minus point to either Imperium or Chaos (your choice) for each point you would have scored

Entry Fee: $10.00 (for the entire 6-week campaign)

Games can be played at any time throughout the week, and can be any size you and your opponent agree on. Free Play, Power Value or Matched are all allowed

Campaign Rewards (While Supplies Last)
– Sign up for the campaign in store to receive your score card and army list.

– Play a campaign game in store to receive a special Stratagem card and badge (6 to collect)

– Complete 1 stamp on your score card (play a game or paint a datasheet) to receive a promo set of tokens

– Complete a line of stamps on your score card (6 games or 6 datasheets) to earn a campaign wristband.

– Complete all stamps on your card (6 games AND 6 datasheets) to earn a Nurgle or Ultramarines Dice Bag!

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