The Dragon’s Refuge presents: 6th Annual Catan-a-ment!

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Come in and show your dominance in The Settlers of Catan board game.

Maybe one of our former champions will be in attendance?

Sign Up: 3:00pm
Starts: 3:30pm
Entry Fee: $10.00
Prizes will be awarded to the top 4 based on attendance.

Knowledge of the basic Settlers of Catan rules is required.

There will be 3 Swiss Rounds (everyone will play 3 games) and the top 8 will move onto the semi finals, then the the top 4 will play in the finals (determined by attendance).

During the 3 Swiss rounds and the semi finals, each round will be 60 minutes. Victory points will be used to determine top players. The most points any player can score in a round is 10 (even if they would have scored more to win the game).

Former Catan-a-ment Champions

2009 – Josh B.

2010 – Jay N.

2011 – Martin L.

2012 – Edward W.

2013 – Sherry H.

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