MTG: Journey Into Nyx Prerelease Weekend

Schedule of Events:
4/26/14: 12:00 am Two Headed Giant Sealed Format (after FNM)

4/26/14: 3:00 pm Sealed Format
4/26/14: 7:00 pm Sealed Format

4/27/14: 3:00 pm Sealed Format

Special Rules: Each player chooses their heroic path and receives a Prerelease Pack. The Prerelease Pack contains a spin down life counter, a Hero Card unique to a players’ chosen path, one of five quiz activity cards, five boosters, and a seeded booster featuring cards appropriate for that player’s chosen path including one of the five Prerelease promo cards.

All Tournaments will be Swiss Rounds based on attendance and each participant who completes the Tournament will receive at least 1 prize booster pack.

Each Sealed Event will be $30.00 (If you preregister before 4/18/14 the entry fee will be $25.00)

All preregistration fees are non refundable

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