Magic M14 Pre Release Weekend


Be one of the first people to play with the new M14 core set.

The Dragon’s Refuge will be running five events over the course of the entire weekend.

Also, for the first time we will be giving out Dragon’s Refuge play mats at each event as door prizes!

Schedule of Events:

• 7/13/13: 12:00am Sealed Format (after FNM)
• 7/13/13: 2:00pm Sealed Format
• 7/13/13: 7:00pm Two Headed Giant Sealed Format (six packs per person)

• 7/14/13: 2:00pm Sealed Format
• 7/14/13: 7:00pm Sealed Format

Each Sealed Event will be $30.00 per person. If you sign up before July 6, 2013 it will only be $25.00 per person. All five Tournaments will be 3 Swiss Rounds and each participant who completes the Tournament will receive at least 1 booster pack.

For the full M14 Pre Release Weekend experience we offer a special deal if you enroll in all 5 events. It will be $115.00 which is a savings of $35.00!

All preregistration fees are non refundable

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