Dragon’s Maze Prerelease Weekend

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Prerelease Events at The Dragon’s Refuge:


Saturday – 4/27/13

  • 12:00am-Two Headed Giant Sealed(after FNM)
  • 2:00pm-Sealed
  • 7:00pm-Sealed

Sunday – 4/28/13

  • 1:00pm-Sealed
  • 6:00pm-Sealed


All of the events will be sealed limited format except the 4/27/13, 12:00am event (which will be two-headed giant sealed). There will be three Swiss rounds of play and every player who completes all three rounds will receive at least one Dragon’s Maze booster pack for playing (while supplies last). The rest of the prize packs will be distributed amongst the top four players based on record.


For this event Wizards of the Coast has produced a special Dragon’s Maze Guild Pack to be used at the prerelease. Competitors will be asked to choose one of 10 Ravnica guilds to champion in a race through the Implicit Maze, a brand new activity created exclusively for the Dragon’s Maze Prerelease. In this innovative activity, players work collectively to advance their chosen guild through the maze each round, following the storyline of Dragon’s Maze. Prizes will be awarded to members of guilds who complete the maze, with additional prizes going to the triumphant guild that makes it through the Implicit Maze first.


Each player’s choices will be fulfilled as available product allows. Each Guild Pack will contain the following:


• 4 Dragon’s Maze Boosters.
• 1 Gatecrash Guild Booster.
• 1 Return to Ravnica Guild Booster.


Each Event will cost $30.00* per person, but if you sign up during the preregistration period you will only have to pay $25.00* per event.


(*All entry fees are non refundable)




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