Realms of Fantasy 9/15/12

Realms of Fantasy Schedule:

1:00pm: Store Opens

2:00pm: Dungeon Command (miniature game).

2:30pm: Descent 2nd Edition (board game).

3:00pm: War of the Worlds (miniature game, 6mm Future War Commander Rules).

4:00pm: Bandito’s (board game).

5:00pm: DUST Warfare (miniatures game).

6:00pm: Seven Wonders (board game).

6:30pm: Marvel RPG (role playing game).

7:00pm: Star Trek Space Combat (miniatures game).

8:00pm: Settlers of the Stone Age (board game).

9:30pm: Store Announcements and Raffle Drawing.

10:30pm: Leviathans (miniature/board game).


  • Warmachine/Hordes: Dark Secrets League. Play a League game during Realms and receive a free raffle ticket (limit three per person).

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